Small Town USA

Last weekend I enjoyed some family time in Westcliffe, CO.  There is something about visiting a place where you walk down main street and and everyone "knows your name".  That's the way it is in Westcliffe.

We woke up on Saturday to a brisk foggy morning.  It felt more like fall instead of spring, which ended up being perfect weather for a parade if you ask me!  So, with coffee in hand we watched a parade honoring our Vietnam Vets stream down main street.

All bundled up!
Thanks, Dad, for serving!  
We love you!
Huey helicopter that flew in Vietnam
Walking down main street...
Huey shots

Andrew got to try on one of the helicopter pilot helmets!



An ode to my French Press....

There's a reason why coffee tastes so good
when pressed down through a strainer
It is hard to explain, but I think
It has something to do with the container

I feel a bit like a chemist when brewing my drink
Just thought you should know
so next time I pass with French Press in hand
and smile and give you a wink