2008 Elk Hunting

One of our favorite times of the year is Hunting Season.  You can guarantee that around July / August we are washing camoflauge in scent-free detergent, tuning our bows, and making plans to head to the mountains.

Our 2008 season started a bit slow for us... the elk were just not talking.  However, after several days of hiking the mountains we started to see some good sign... freshly raked pine trees, fresh piles of um, ur, well.. you know what.  ;)

I actually had several close encounters this year and came close to getting the bull of my dreams.  How close?  Let's just say that I will dream about the 6x7 bull I had in my sights at 5 yards for a while.  Don't ask how I missed!  I don't think I could miss again if I tried to.  Troy still wonders about this too.


Yep, I cried the next day.

I will be ready for him next year!!!

Of course, on the hike back to camp there are mountain grouse to shoot.  Troy shot this one out of the tree!  Several good lunches were provided by shooting grouse.  

Troy did get his elk and deer this year.  It was the year of female animals.. a cow and a doe.  Which in a way was a blessing... meat in the freezer and no taxidermy work to be done!

We had many good times just sitting around at camp "shootin' the breeze".  This year, I was the only girl in camp. (I missed you Garnie!)  The guys were nice to me though and didn't give me too hard of a time.  Although, they have to be a little bit nice b/c they know that I'll help pack out their elk.  ;)

Todd, Troy and Alan.  I'm not really sure what Alan is doing here.  But then again, does anyone know what Big Al is ever doing.  J/K Al, we love you!

Troy's doe that he shot at 50 yards.

Back at camp, field dressing the deer.  Sorry, some may think this is a bit gross; but I think it is kinda a cool picture.

Jim, Todd, Alan, and Troy

How many days until we can do this all over again?

New Mexico

In July, a group of us took a road trip on our bikes down to Santa Fe, New Mexico.   What a blast!

We took the back roads along the Sangre de Cristo mountains, enjoying the mountain breeze along the way and also managing to skirt a thunderstorm or two around Alamosa and northern New Mexico.  Let me just say that lightning storms in the Rockies on a bike can be a bit nerve racking!

Mountain pass through Angel Fire, NM.  This was one of my favorite parts!

Troy wondered at times what I was doing behind him... taking pics along the way, of course!  At times, I would hear him say something like, "Emily, quit moving around!"  For the most part I think I'm a pretty good passenger... it takes getting use to at first b/c I want to help drive by leaning, squeezing Troy's legs to slow down, etc.  You know... all the stuff a good wife should help with.  Just kidding, Hon.  ;)  ...and THAT is why I now have my own bike.

Station 20 CSFD crew... Jay, Clark, and Troy

While in Santa Fe, we visited the Loretto Chapel.  This is the church with the famous "miraculous stairway".  The stairs were built by a carpenter that showed up at the church after the Sisters of Loretto prayed for someone to come help the church with the access to the choir loft.  There is no center support and isn't held from the side.  After this carpenter built the stairs, he disappeared without seeking payment.

Of course, while you are in Santa Fe you must do a little shopping and also eat at the Blue Corn Cafe.

Downtown Santa Fe w/ a view of The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assissi
The buildings are gorgeous!
We visited Bandelier National Monument, which was fascinating to see.  The history of the Pueblo people was literally etched into the walls of their cave dwellings.  Petroglyphs were everywhere!

We hiked along the Frijoles Canyon to reach the "Alcove House" (formerly called Ceremonial Cave), which is a cliff dwelling reached by climbing long wooden ladders.  Troy and Clark had no problem with the ladders (kinda a job requirement for them), however, my hands got a little sweaty climbing that high up.  It is hard to tell from the pic how high we are, but those trees below are no small pine trees!
Oh, and "no thanks" and going down into the kiva we are standing on.

Some of the "homes" in the wall of the canyon.

Inside a Tyuonyi house.  It was a little bit dark in there!  ;)

Ahh... what a cute couple.

Where to next?  Once the snow melts here in CO, I think we will be headed somewhere warm. I'm thinking... a Laughlin, Lake Havasu, Grand Canyon bike trip sounds good!


Official Hog Members

This past summer Troy and I decided it was time to trade in his chopper and each get our own motorcycle.  I did ride on the back of his chopper once - it wasn't the best idea b/c there wasn't a seat for a passenger.  Now we each have our own bike and enjoying them thoroughly.  Troy has put a lot more miles on his bike than I have!  However, next spring I plan on taking mine out more.  I need to get the bags put on mine so that I can ride it to work.  ;)