5:00 AM Moments

Last weekend we went camping / fishing with some friends.  I love getting away for the weekend because it usually means sleeping in.  The only items on our agenda were fishing, soaking in the sun, fishing, grilling, fishing and more fishing.  Did I mention fishing?  So, I was determined to sleep in on both Saturday and Sunday and begin the day whenever I woke up.  Well, I found myself waking up before anyone else on Sunday morning.. without the aid of an alarm clock b/c the plan was like I mentioned, to sleep in.  After laying under my cozy WINTER sleeping bag for quite some time (Troy just about froze me out of the camper because he had the air conditioning cranked as high as it would go in an attempt to freeze out all the gnats.  But that is another story.), I decided I might as well get up and go fishing.  It was 5:00 AM.  But I was up.

I was so glad that I ended up down at the lake to enjoy the sunrise that morning.   It was absolutely breathtaking.  I didn't catch anything on my fishing line; however, that was okay with me.  The time spent enjoying the first rays of sun, watching the mist on the lake, listening to the birds begin to sing was well worth it.  There was one other fisherman that also ventured out.  I think he had fisherman ADHD b/c he would cast a line, real it in, walk to a new spot and repeat the same process.  I wanted to tell him to chill!

Anyway, I think next time we go to the lake, I may just bring the alarm clock to make sure I don't miss the morning sunrise.   Oh, and to try and catch some fish of course!