Havasu Holiday

This last week Troy and I had a wonderful vacation getaway or 
what I like to call our...
"Havasu Holiday"  

Our friends, Jay and Rosie, opened their condo home to us and blessed us with this getaway.  What great memories!!

"Site #6", located on the Havasu Island, was used as an emergency landing field by the Army Air Forces during World War II.  In 1944 it became a rest location where US servicemen could enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, etc.
Now, Site Six is a location where free public boat launching is available.  There were also several people fishing from the dock, so there must be good fishing here also.  

Here is a glimpse of some other views / attractions in Havasu...
Relief from the desert heat... shaved ice via party barge

The desert in bloom
I love the water-colored look of this cactus

More Lake Havasu views...

Although tempted, I resisted the urge to "borrow" one of these waverunners and take it for a spin around the lake.

And of course... the famous London Bridge
When it was discovered that the London Bridge was "falling down" into the Thames river, the City of London decided to put the bridge up for auction.  The winning bid came from the founder of Lake Havasu City, AZ for $2,460,000 in 1968.  It took a total of three years to relocate the bridge to Arizona.  It now spans the Colorado River.
I spent several mornings walking down to the bridge from the condo. 
One of the pictures from my morning walks. Gorgeous!
Click the links below for the motorcycle portion of our "Havasu Holiday":  
A view from the road

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is an engineering wonder.  What a thrill to ride a motorcycle across the dam!  There is currently a bridge bypass being built across the dam which will eliminate the traffic congestion.. There was quite the wait to get across the dam.  I took several pictures from the bike as we were crossing the dam.  It was truly amazing!

After picking Rosie up at the Las Vegas airport, we decided to stay in a cheap - $29.99 hotel / casino for the night so we didn't have to ride the bikes back to Havasu that night. (See Havasu Holiday post)  The next day we took the Hwy 93 back to Havasu... partially so we could go across the dam again and partially b/c we didn't want to drive through California (helmet laws).  This time, we spent some time walking around on the dam.

Lake Mead in the background

A view from the top
Hoover Dam ByPass being built
Bronze sculpture

Colorado River
Dam overflow - this tunnel goes through the mountain!
Um.. I'm not even tempted to get on that wall!  We did spit over the ledge though.  Hehe
Troy's grandpa helped to engineer the Hoover Dam.  So, it was a special experience for him!
Here is some neat construction history of the dam.

And on the way home... we ate lunch at Mad Dog's which is located on the Historic Route 66 aka "The Mother Road".

Laughlin River Run

For part of our spring vacation this year, we brought our bikes to Laughlin for the motorcycle River Run.  It was a sunny ride up from Lake Havasu City.  The road along the banks of the Colorado river provided a wonderful route with scenic views along the way.  Once we got to Laughlin, it was time to relax, do a little shopping, and soak in the sun!

On the way to Laughlin, we stopped at the Topock Marina. I'm thinking we need to recruit a few more bikers for the next time we come and have an official Topock poster made with our "biker gang".  Any takers?

Before crossing the Colorado river into Laughlin, NV you could see bikers stopping along the side of the road to put their lids on their heads.. yep, you have to pay attention to those helmet laws.

Some of the fabulous bikes on display...
This pirate bike will be given away on an upcoming biker cruise..
Who is up for a cruise?
An amazing work of art!
Notice the suicide shifter

I love the eagle claw on this one!

Enjoying the sun set!

Parker Dam - RoadRunner

The last day of our Havasu vacation, we rode down to the Parker Dam and Roadrunner cafe.  The Roadrunner is a floating dock cafe / bar located on the Colorado river, south of Lake Havasu.  You can dock your boat and step on to the dock for a bite to eat.  The table we sat at was right on the edge of the dock.. hang on to your drinks and don't fall of when the boats go by!!

Troy and Em

Jay and Rosie

Notice the "hair do by Harley" - perfectly spiked!

Striking a pose  ;)

Hang on to those drinks!
Ahh... enjoying great company on the river!

Southern portion of Lake Havasu
Next bike trip??  Red River Run or could it be... Sturgis??