2008 Elk Hunting

One of our favorite times of the year is Hunting Season.  You can guarantee that around July / August we are washing camoflauge in scent-free detergent, tuning our bows, and making plans to head to the mountains.

Our 2008 season started a bit slow for us... the elk were just not talking.  However, after several days of hiking the mountains we started to see some good sign... freshly raked pine trees, fresh piles of um, ur, well.. you know what.  ;)

I actually had several close encounters this year and came close to getting the bull of my dreams.  How close?  Let's just say that I will dream about the 6x7 bull I had in my sights at 5 yards for a while.  Don't ask how I missed!  I don't think I could miss again if I tried to.  Troy still wonders about this too.


Yep, I cried the next day.

I will be ready for him next year!!!

Of course, on the hike back to camp there are mountain grouse to shoot.  Troy shot this one out of the tree!  Several good lunches were provided by shooting grouse.  

Troy did get his elk and deer this year.  It was the year of female animals.. a cow and a doe.  Which in a way was a blessing... meat in the freezer and no taxidermy work to be done!

We had many good times just sitting around at camp "shootin' the breeze".  This year, I was the only girl in camp. (I missed you Garnie!)  The guys were nice to me though and didn't give me too hard of a time.  Although, they have to be a little bit nice b/c they know that I'll help pack out their elk.  ;)

Todd, Troy and Alan.  I'm not really sure what Alan is doing here.  But then again, does anyone know what Big Al is ever doing.  J/K Al, we love you!

Troy's doe that he shot at 50 yards.

Back at camp, field dressing the deer.  Sorry, some may think this is a bit gross; but I think it is kinda a cool picture.

Jim, Todd, Alan, and Troy

How many days until we can do this all over again?


  1. Yeah - a new blog! I'll change your address on mine... glad you are on again, Em, and on Facebook too. : ) Maybe we can keep up with each other better now. You'll have to tell Julie she's missing out...

  2. I love the new blog and your first post! Looks like fun.