Walk in the Park

We have a park next to our house that we don't take advantage of as much as we should.  So, on Saturday afternoon Troy and I decided it was time to get out of the house and hit the trail.

I love enjoying the beautiful scenery of Colorado.  I came home the other night to about 30 head of deer in our pasture.  I didn't see any bucks, so I thought that they may be starting to shed their antlers.  So, on the thought that we could pick up some sheds I was able to convince Troy to go hiking.

There were no deer or antlers to be seen on the trail, but it was worth the hike anyway.  I dropped Troy of at his station this morning, and on the way through Black Forest we saw a really nice buck.  So, apparently the antlers are still attached.  A few more weeks and we should be able to start hiking the mountains in search for sheds.  Stay tuned!

Our attempt to take a picture together.. Oops!  The zoom was on.  It's a nice pic of Troy's nose though.  ;)

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