Pine Tree Sledding

Yesterday, Blizzard warnings were in the weather forecast for Southern Colorado.  As a result, we received some much needed snow.  I have to admit that I was hoping for more than what we received, but I am thankful for any moisture received.  (Troy quickly bought some grass seed for the pasture, but I'm afraid that most of the seed blew away with the wind.  We shall see in a few months.)  

Once the winds stopped, the sun came out and revealed a winter wonderland out my backdoor.  I had to venture out and experience the snow packed trails.  Gorgeous!

After a short walk, I decided it was too nice to enjoy by myself.  So, I made a quick call to my sister and Andrew was on his way over...
 with sled in hand.

We found the perfect sledding hill!!

What a great time we had!

And what is better than sledding?  Sitting in the snow taking it all in.


  1. Awesome!!! I love these pics, Em and what fun... yeah, everybody's getting snow, and we're getting tornadoes down here. BTW, we are having marinated pork chops tonight - your old recipe!

  2. so great. it's awesome to see that you take advantage of having your nephew close by. the snow is much more fun with a little one to share it with! I always make sure i bring the boys outside to play with me, fearful that i will look ridiculous out there playing by myself! :)