Chasing Gobblers

Our little hunting gang is just starting to get into Turkey hunting.  Since we've been seeing turkeys every time we elk hunt in the fall, we decided it would be fun to try and find them this spring. 

So, for the next couple of weekends, you'll know where we will be....chasing gobblers in the mountains.

One of the highlights of the morning was discovering a Biffy next to the road.  Alan was a happy man.  We also stopped and talked to a forest service dude who was very helpful.  During our scouting of the area, we had discovered a really nice cabin.  It turns out that you can rent it for $50.00 a night... we may be hunting in style next time!  Biffys, cabins, what next?

Em and Troy

How not to kill a Turkey

We had them coming in.  It snowed on and off all morning, but the turkeys didn't seem to mind.  This is the spot where *ahem* I realized that it helps to have a shell in the chamber.
Yep, I was missing my bow right about then.

How does he put up with me?

The video below was taken on my camera, so it isn't the greatest quality.  However, you can still hear him gobbling in the background (The turkey.. not Troy), which is fun.  Pause the music below to hear the sound in the video.

The turkey Troy shot at (I didn't get the camera turned on in time for the shot) was the same turkey that I missed.  Troy's arrow hit a branch.  Lucky Turkey... for now.  We will be back to hunt him down!


  1. Great post! I really liked it.

    you need to add "My Deliverer" to the song list.

  2. I've never failed to have a shell in the chamber, but a couple times on my semi-auto I have not had it fully cocked on the first round. It's really depressing to pull up on a flushing rooster, squeeze the trigger, and feel or hear nothing and see an easy target live for another day.