Turkey Safety

Okay, so I recently read in the CO Turkey regulations how Turkey hunting is the second leading category for hunting accidents.  Really?  There is a great list on the CO DOW website of things you can do to be safe during Turkey season.  One of the items on the list is to avoid wearing colors the same as a Turkey.. or I suppose drinking pepsi would also not be advised.

The third item on the list got me thinking.  It states:  "Camouflage from head to toe. Not only will this aid in your attempt to remain unseen by an approaching gobbler, but it will keep you hidden from another hunter who is walking in your area. If another hunter is approaching your position, remain still and call to the hunter in a clear voice. Do not whistle or use a call. Announce your presence without movement."

So, being someone who hunts like a girl (because, well, I AM a girl) means that I may just have to go to the bathroom on the mountain more than the guys.  This could be a bad scene.  I can just see it now.   I'm in the squat position, white butt exposed and realize another hunter is "approaching my position".  According to the safety rules, I need to remain still and call to the hunter in a clear voice, and not move.  Yah, right!  I have a better idea... camouflage butt paint.

And this is the look I get when I mention things like this:

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