April Snow Showers

The last couple of days the snow "showers" just kept coming.  It seemed like the storm was just circling around us.  Just when you thought it was done, it would come around again and drop more snow... the result?  Several feet of snow in the pasture, eating ham & bean soup, playing in the snow, digging neighbors out of the snow, eating more ham & bean soup.  
You catch my "drift".
Dog attack!

This is the scene after rescuing some neighbors from being stuck in a snow drift. Yep, we ended up being a little bit stuck also.  Our small rural Fire Dept was busy helping stranded motorists.  Troy got the page for this one just after we got through our drive way.  

I thought we were just going to get unstuck from our drive, so I had shorts on at the time.  Thank goodness for my carhart overalls!

I love plowing through the snow drifts, but this means being willing to get stuck a time or too.  There were several "discussions" about Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge.  Go Ford!  Wait... I drive a Dodge.

Our lab, Tuffy, loves playing in the snow and will whine and whine until we let him out to go play in the blizzard.  Crazy dog!

I love baby calves this time of year!  So so cute!


  1. I gotta say that I'm jealous of the turkey hunting; the snow - not so much. Cool elk pic at the top of your blog - your photography?

  2. Thanks, Josh! Yep - This was one of the elk that we shot in 2007. (Todd's Elk) There is actually a pretty good story to go with this one.